Disconnect to Reconnect with Life

"Technology makes it possible for people to gain control over everything, except technology." ~ John Tudor (Photo by Christoph van der Bij)

This week is National Screen-Free Week.  It’s a time for all of us to take a good look at the amount of time spent with screens.  Smart phones, tablets, e-readers and all other “screen” devices take hours away from other activities such as spending time with family and friends. Don’t think “screen time” is a problem? Consider this: From January to March 2012, more iPhone were sold than babies were born worldwide.

Do you think you could do without devices for a week? How about a day? Could you put them down for a few hours?  Why not give it a try. The life you discover may be your own.


Today’s guests are Sara Gable, State Extension Specialist in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology and Robin Gammon, Program Manager for the Stay Strong, Stay Healthy program. Both are with University of Missouri Extension.

University of Missouri Extension has some fun suggestions for non-screen activities on their Play More, Watch Less page.

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